>> WorldMEN 2021 will be virtual!

Dear Madam, Sir, 

Due to the current pandemic, the organizers have decided to maintain the WorldMEN 2021 meeting, BUT AS A VIRTUAL CONGRESS.

The content of this website, as well as the programme, have just been updated and adapted to a virtual format.

>> You can now register to the meeting! Go to the REGISTRATION section of this website.

We thank you for your interest in our meeting!

Very best regards,
Congress Secretariat


Dear Friends and Colleagues,

It is a great honor and pleasure to welcome you all 'virtually' for the 17th WorldMEN meeting. The Marseille Team has a longstanding tradition of managing endocrine tumor syndromes, as shown for instance by the previous WorldMEN meeting which was held almost 15 years ago in the Pharo Palace, the same place where we should have been standing this year.

The WorldMEN meeting has something different compared to all the other classical meetings: it was first created to allow for intense discussions about the discovery of the genetic etiologies of tumor syndrome in 1984. Over the last years, the WorldMEN meetings expanded the scope of their participants to a wide audience of endocrinologists, surgeons, gastroenterologists, oncologists, geneticists and more, all concerned by the diagnosis and management not only of multiple endocrine neoplasia, endocrine tumor syndromes and the various diseases they include (Von Hippel Lindau disease, pheochromocytoma and paraganglioma, pituitary tumors, neuroendocrine tumors, neurofibromatosis, calcium disorders…), but also endocrine cancers in general. Still more than an update on these conditions with the world renown specialists who are at the cutting edge of research, the aim of this meeting is to allow for fruitful scientific discussions around multicentric studies and collaborative projects.

Accordingly, this 17th WorldMEN meeting was organized by inviting experts from all over the world to give you the most updated data on endocrine tumor syndromes during workshops that will leave a large time for discussions, or plenaries on genetics, diagnosis, consequences or treatments of such syndromes. Together with the input of the organizers of previous WorldMEN meetings, we have the support of both national (French Endocrine Society SFE, and the Endocrine Tumor Group GTE) and European Societies (European Neuroendocrine Association ENEA). Last but not least, new international guidelines on pheochromocytoma will be discussed, and updates on MEN1 guidelines will also be presented for the first time.

I am sure that all these reasons will convince you to attend this promising 17th WorldMEN meeting.

Frederic Castinetti
President of the local organizing committee of the 17th WorldMEN meeting

History of the Multiple Endocrine Neoplasia Workshops and Overview of MEN2019

For more information, read this Editorial from Grubbs, Halperin, Waguespack and Gagel, on the history of the multiple endocrine neoplasia workshops, and an overview of the MEN2019 meeting, recently published in Endocrine-Related Cancer as part of a collection of reviews summarising the discussions and recommendations arising in Houston, two years ago.

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